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ENESKAmicro 600 Set 2.25, inkl. Motor JEM 50R, Motorkabel 1,85 m, Handstück JIR 40R, Spannzange Ø 3 mm

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Technical Data control unit: • Infinitely variable speed control up to max. 60,000 rpm • Speed... more
Product information "ENESKAmicro 600 Set 2.25, inkl. Motor JEM 50R, Motorkabel 1,85 m, Handstück JIR 40R, Spannzange Ø 3 mm"
Technical Data control unit:
• Infinitely variable speed control up to max. 60,000 rpm
• Speed limited by potentiometer
• Digital speed display
• Connection for 2 motors BLDC and 1 AC motor
• Motor recognition
• “Speed Memory” button
• Clockwise, anticlockwise running
• Connection for foot control
• Weight: 2.4 kg
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 135 x 235 x 200 mm

The set contains the following components:

1 x ENESKAmicro 600 control unit (order no. 0 011 201)
1 x ENESKAmicro motor JEM 50R (order no. 0 100 020-0)
1 x ENESKAmicro motor cable JEM 50R, 1.85 m (order no. 0 100 030)
1 x ENESKAmicro handpiece support, black (order no. 0 011 110)
1 x ENESKA rapid-chuck handpiece JIR 40R (order no. 0 100 005) incl. collet type JIR, Ø 3 mm

The new standard for grinding, polishing, milling and deburring

ENESKAmicro – the unbeatable all-round talent
The in-house development by joke sets standards for micromotor systems. What is unique about this series is its system-wide and downwards compatibility as well as extreme power.
Higher final speed, more power, higher clamping force for the handpieces, 100% Made in Germany, touch display, USB interface and high level of true running are just some of the highlights of this extraordinary system.
This not only enables its use in many new application areas, such as aerospace and 3D printing, but also in conventional toolmaking and mould building or in medical engineering.

Simple to operate with the touch display
The core component of the ENESKAmicro is the intelligent control unit. Intelligent because it automatically detects which micromotor is connected, whether from the joke family or a third-party manufacturer. The individual settings can be saved on the touch display with station keys. The speed input can be set via a finely adjusted rotary knob or optionally via a foot switch. The slim design and low centre of gravity make for high stability. The control unit dispenses with fans or slots – which means less noise pollution for the user and it is also dust-protected (according to IP 54).
The newly developed handpieces achieve a higher clamping force than similar devices on the market. Created by a combination of spring and lever force that keeps the tool in position even at high speeds. The high-precision grinding of all axes and the installation of the latest-generation bearings enable a high level of true running to within less than 0.01 millimetres. Further advantages are the on/off switch directly on the motor and the toolless quick-clamping function. This saves time and guarantees precise, low-vibration and fatigue-free work. The joke team has developed handpieces with a longer XL axis for hard-to-reach areas in workpieces.
A special detail that was particularly important to us: the ENESKAmicro is completely “Made in Germany”. This serves local business and sensible further use and protection of previously made investments as well as our own high requirements in terms of quality and delivery time can thus be guaranteed. The powerful micromotor system therefore meets the technical requirements in milling in particular – wherever hard materials are machined, such as high-grade steels, Inconel and titanium for implant production.
The ENESKAmicro offers a genuine alternative to many compressed-air systems.

The facts speak for themselves:
• Tremendously high cost advantage compared to expensive compressed-air
• Remarkably high-speed, variably adjustable
• Low-vibration work
• Quick tool changes without external aids
• Low noise pollution