CRATEX® Set 778, 68 pieces

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Tool system CRATEX ® with rubber bond Grinding is a metal-cutting production process for... more
Product information "CRATEX® Set 778, 68 pieces"
Tool system CRATEX® with rubber bond
Grinding is a metal-cutting production process for precise and final machining of workpieces. It can be used manually or on grinding machines. As with all cutting methods, excess material is removed in the form of chips. The edges of the microscopically small, hard, mineral crystals in the grinding tool function as blades in this case.

The bond is made of chemical rubber. In contrast to hard grinding wheels, the CRATEX® bond has a unique cushioned action ensuring soft, smooth and free cutting. With harder materials, CRATEX® yields a clean, polishable cut, free from corrugation and discoloration. CRATEX® grinds and polishes soft materials and plastics without tearing. It resists clogging and smearing and does not result in any glassy points.

CRATEX® can be used for dry and wet grinding. The tools are insensitive to all common grinding cooling media and rust protectors and to oil. Even more gentle work can be achieved in conjunction with polishing pastes.

Typical applications:
Smoothing and polishing of casting moulds, dies and other production tools, smoothing of edges on punched or sheared parts or glass, lapping of welded seams after rough grinding: sharpening of cutting dies, deburring and smoothing of plastic workpieces, reworking injection channels; polishing of moulds.

The advantages at a glance:
• flexible and adaptable
• clean, discoloration-free polished section
• for all metals, non-ferrous metals and plastics
• grinding, polishing, deburring and smoothing
• four different grit sizes

CRATEX® tools are available in four standard grit sizes.

Contents in plastic storage case:
8 CRATEX® points shape 4
8 CRATEX® points shape 6
8 CRATEX® points shape 8
8 CRATEX® points shape 10
8 CRATEX® points shape 11
8 CRATEX® points shape 12
8 CRATEX® points shape 14
8 CRATEX® points shape 15
equally assorted in the four CRATEX® grit sizes
2 point mounting shanks shape 12 (Ø 3 mm)
2 point mounting shanks shape 13 (Ø 3 mm)
Weight [kg]: 291.000 kg