Set of grinding points, fibre-laminated

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Polishing and grinding points: universal helpers Grinding is a metal-cutting production... more
Product information "Set of grinding points, fibre-laminated"
Polishing and grinding points: universal helpers

Grinding is a metal-cutting production process for precise and final machining of workpieces. It can be used manually or on grinding machines. As with all cutting methods, excess material is removed in the form of chips. The edges of the microscopically small, hard, mineral crystals in the grinding tool function as blades in this case.

Fibre-laminated polishing and grinding points achieve excellent surface qualities with a high stock removal. The tools allow vibration-free grinding and polishing in a single working operation, without clogging, which results in a very long service live. Ideal for high chrome-plated steels and for all difficult steels in aircraft, drive and power plant construction. The points are available in two bond hardnesses and different grit sizes.
Hard: Aggressive for high stock removal and fine surfaces
Soft: Polishing with limited stock removal and deburring

This range contains following seven soft bonded fibre-laminated polishing points in grit size 80, shank dimensions 3 x 40 mm:

• Cylinder, Ø 6 x 6 mm (order no. 0 545 612)
• Cylinder, Ø 6 x 13 mm (order no. 0 545 615)
• Cylinder, Ø 10 x 19 mm (order no. 0 545 619)
• Cylinder, Ø 13 x 13 mm (order no. 0 545 622)
• Sphere, Ø 13 mm (order no. 0 545 609)
• Pointed Cone, Ø 10 x 19 mm (order no. 0 545 607)
• Cone, Ø 13 x 19 mm (order no. 0 545 603)

These polishing points are suitable for polishing aluminium and for deburring due to a low material removal.
Hardness: soft
Shank dimensions: Ø 3 x 40 mm
Grit size: K 80